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Speed Limiter

Nick Strange

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Nearly all of the Toyotas I have driven have had a “Speed Limiter” fitted. I cannot find this on my 24 Highlander - am I missing something or is this facility not installed on the Highlander?

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'Fraid not.  I've noticed that some US built Toyotas don't have the SL button on the steering wheel and as our cars came from there I suspect the necessary parts may not have been available in that factory.

I must admit I was slightly disappointed but not as much as I would have been when the Cruise Control couldn't be set below 28 mph, neither would Resume work below that speed, so it was useless in the proliferating 20 mph zones.

Before I bought my previous RAV4 my dealer had a 10 month old Lexus RX 400h with the highest spec possible on the forecourt at £10k below new price.  I would have been sorely tempted as I loved the 3.5 Litre V6 engine and phenonlimal spec, but the only thing it had missing that at the time I couldn't do without was Speed Limiter, which seemed an astonishing omission given its price and remaining spec.  So until the low seats in the Prius set off major joint problems and caused me to swap into the RAV4, I kept my Gen 4 Prius, which although it too had CC that only started working at 28 mph, the SL could be set to 20 which really helped in 20 mph zones.

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Had two RAV4,s and a Corolla before this, all three has SL. I wonder why Toyota omitted it on this model. Oh well little we can do.

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A 4th Gen Prius I bought in 2016 was the first Toyota I had with SL, which was also on my 2019 5th Gen RAV4.  Many other Toyota models I've driven in the last 8 years or so all had it.

But I've noticed US-built RAV4s in YouTube videos did not have the SL button on the steering wheel, and I wonder if the US wiring looms aren't equipped for it which might explain why our US-built Highlanders don't get it (RAV4s supplied in the UK come from Japan).

Another odd thing I've noticed on my Highlander is it doesn't have deadlocks, unlike all Toyotas I've bought since 2000.

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