Announcing elli 2.0 to Improve the Efficiency and Accuracy of its Delivery Services

We’re excited to share that we’ve released elli 2.0™, an upgraded version of our proprietary delivery platform developed to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and overall delivery experience for shippers, consumers, and delivery service providers.

We’ve been developing the elli 2.0 mobile app for a year. Due to the increased demand from COVID-19, we decided to accelerate its roll out to assist our team in getting packages to consumers more efficiently and with improved accuracy.=

elli 2.0™ features significant upgrades, including:

  • Simplified scanning and daily loading tracking to reduce time spent loading by up to 75%.
  • Optional automated route optimization and in-app smart navigation with improved turn-by-turn directions and address geocoding
  • Improved location data that enhances route accuracy and reduces wrong address information
  • Visual Proof of Attempt (vPOA) to quickly determine any issues preventing delivery and reattempt delivery
  • Multi-language capabilities

A key feature of elli 2.0™ is the expanded Visual Proof of Delivery (vPOD) service, which enables consumers to better track the delivery of their packages through photo confirmation and is now available on our tracking results page. vPOD provides a visual time stamp to let consumers know deliveries have been made, and where to look for them. vPOD improves visibility, communication and accountability with our consumers and is part of a broader set of innovations we’ve been working on to enhance the delivery experience.

The release of elli 2.0™ comes as we make many investments and improvements to continue our efforts to better serve our customers as needs of the e-commerce and delivery landscape continue to change. Such as the recent opening of our state-of-the-art automated sorting facility in South Brunswick, New Jersey which has increased output by 20% to an estimated 30,000 packages per hour.